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Car Escrow Service

Safe and secure used car transactions

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Buying a used car locally can be a hassle.

It doesn't have to be with Veehic. Veehic handles the riskest part of buying a used car.
The exchange of money, the transaction.

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Safely accept funds from potential buyers.

Safe & securely accept funds electronically via our escrow service. Know your dealing with reliable buyers and eliminate risk of cashier check fraud

Never bring cash to a private sale again.

Buyers have multiple payment options to chose from. (ACH, Credit & Debit Card, Wire Transfer ETC.)
Buying a used car locally has never been this simple.

No cash

How It Works

Step By Step Instructions

  • Seller

    Step 1 - Bill Of Sale

    Seller fills out a bill of sale, which includes the buyers cell phone number and we generate a confirmation number. Once submited the buyer recieves an alert asking them to continue the transaction.

  • Seller

    Step 2 - Seller info & Payment Method

    Seller will then create an account, and fill out Personal information and select and enter their payment method.

  • Buyer

    Step 3 - Buyer Recieves Alert

    The Buyer will recieve an alert to his phone with a 10 digit confirmation number. Buyer then looks up the bill of sale and confirms the information is true.

  • Buyer

    Step 4 - Buyer info & Payment Method

    Buyer will then create an account, and fill out Personal information and select and enter their payment method.

  • Buyer

    Step 5 - Securely Transfer Funds to Escrow

    Once payment method is selected, buyer then can send money to our secure escrow vault. Seller will recieve an alert about money being placed in escrow

  • Buyer & Seller

    Step 6 - Transfer Title & Release Payment

    Once money is in escrow, the title can then be transfered to the buyer. The buyer can then release the funds to the seller. Seller will recieve an alert notifying him that payment has been released.

  • Transaction

Get Started Now!

Send & Recieve verified payment for a private sale used car in a few taps.

Find your used car locally and use the veehic escrow payment mobile app to quickly send and recieve hundreds to thousands of dollars in seconds. The easiest way to handle used car transactions.

Coming soon to IOS & Android devices.
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